Five Ways to Instantly Be More Likeable

Everybody likes to be liked don’t they? Even people who pretend not to care what others think… actually in my experience they tend to be the ones who seek external validation the most. The saying goes its nice to be nice, but there’s a big difference between being nice and being liked. So how do we go about being likeable? Lets have a think…

Smile more

Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, lots of us find this hard, either because we don’t see the point or because we might actually feel awkward about doing this very simple thing. Yet we all appreciate a smile; it’s reassuring and calming and creates a positive vibe. The more you do it, the more natural it will become.

Stop the Whinging

We’ve all got things to complain about but sometimes there’s nothing more irritating than someone moaning constantly. Don’t contribute to that pool of people whom others go out of their way to avoid. No-one wants a reputation as a whinger and it’s easy to fall into that routine of constantly bemoaning your own situation. As soon as you feel a moan coming on, change tact and think of something positive to talk about instead.

Stop talking and listen to others

That said, being a good listener is what makes a true friend and listening properly is an art form. Most people believe themselves good listeners but a lot of the time, we are just waiting for our turn to talk about ourselves. Be attentive, don’t interrupt and above all, don’t turn their issues onto your own problems. Only offer advice if it’s wanted, no matter how tempting it is to foist your opinion. It might not feel like you’re doing much, but listening will make people respect and appreciate you.

Be yourself

With so much pressure these days to behave and look a certain way, wear the current trends and have the latest gadgets, we are losing our individuality. If you genuinely like those things, that’s fine, but if your taste is completely different, that’s great! Your differences are what give you personality and make you interesting, so celebrate your uniqueness – you’ll be more fun to be around!

Reach out

Everyone needs a friend so remember friends and family. Drop them an email to ask how they are and don’t use it as an opportunity to tell them all about you! Suggest meeting for a drink or pop round to see them, even if you think you’re too busy, or ask if there’s anything you can help with. Taking an hour or two out of your week can make all the difference to others.